10 Fascinating Facts About Tesla

Are you a fan of Tesla cars, or perhaps just curious about the hype surrounding this groundbreaking company? Did you know that Tesla Motors was named after Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current? This blog post will dive into 10 fascinating facts about Tesla that are sure to blow your mind and deepen your appreciation for this innovative powerhouse.

Let’s get charged up and learn more!

Key Takeaways

  • Tesla was named after inventor Nikola Tesla, who made significant contributions to electricity and engineering.
  • CEO Elon Musk sleeps at the Tesla factory, showing his dedication to the company.
  • Tesla cars have autonomous driving capabilities and are working towards a fleet of car – taxis driven by robots.
  • Tesla has built its Gigafactory 3 in China to tap into the booming Chinese electric car market.
  • The Tesla Model X is the safest SUV tested by the NHTSA, with a 5 – star safety rating.
  • Tesla has collaborated with companies like Panasonic, Daimler, Toyota, Jay – Z, and will.i.am.
  • Tesla holds numerous patents that showcase their innovative spirit and open – source technology for sustainable transportation.
  • The Gigafactory is the largest factory ever built by Tesla and provides employment opportunities for thousands of people.
  • The Tesla Cybertruck offers an advanced pickup truck option with electric power and futuristic design.
  • Tesla’s long – range batteries have exceptional performance capabilities and retain about 90% capacity even after covering impressive distances.

10 Fascinating Facts About Tesla

Tesla was originally named after Nikola Tesla, one of the most influential inventors in history.

Tesla was originally named after Nikola Tesla

Tesla gets its name from a famous inventor. This man is Nikola Tesla. He was born on July 10, 1856. He had a big brain and new ideas about electricity and engineering. One of his best works was the alternating-current electrical system.

It’s used all over the world today! Even though he wanted to make wireless technology and X-ray devices, those plans didn’t work out in his day. Another fun fact: Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were not best friends but they were not enemies either – they just saw things differently in making light bulbs work!

Elon Musk is reported to sleep at the Tesla factory

Elon Musk takes his job so seriously that he even sleeps at the Tesla factory. It’s not just a rumor. This act shows his great love for his work and company. For him, every hour counts when it comes to making Tesla cars better.

Elon Musk prefers to catch some rest at the factory rather than going home. He views this as being part of his duty as a leader, showing how much value he places on hard work. His choice tells us about the strong drive and deep passion that fuel everything he does at Tesla.

Tesla models will have fully autonomous driving capabilities

Tesla cars are special. They can drive by themselves. This is called ‘autopilot’. But that’s not all. You can pay extra for more self-driving features. The cars have top tech to give you an easy ride on the road, now and in future updates too.

Tesla wants a fleet of car-taxis driven by robots, not people! By mid-2020 we might see them on our streets.

Tesla built its Gigafactory 3 in China

Tesla has expanded its manufacturing presence by building the Gigafactory 3 in China. This factory, located in Shanghai, is Tesla’s first Gigafactory outside of North America. It was specifically built to produce the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y for the Chinese market.

The facility is expected to be completed by 2020 and has a production capacity of over 750,000 vehicles per year. This move plays a crucial role in Tesla’s goal to tap into the booming Chinese electric car market and further expand its international manufacturing presence.

The Tesla Model X is the safest car tested by the NHTSA

The Tesla Model X is the safest car tested by the NHTSA. It received a 5-star safety rating and has the lowest probability of injury compared to any other SUV tested. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has even said that it’s the safest SUV available.

The 2022 Model X also performed well in frontal barrier tests, earning high ratings. So if you’re a Tesla owner, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re driving one of the safest cars on the road.

Tesla has collaborated with famous names

Tesla has teamed up with some really well-known companies, like Panasonic, Daimler, and Toyota! These collaborations have led to some amazing achievements. For example, Tesla worked with Panasonic to create lithium-ion battery cells for their electric cars.

They also joined forces with Daimler to develop electric powertrains for Smart electric vehicles. And in 2010, they partnered with Toyota to make electric versions of the popular RAV4 SUV.

It’s pretty cool that Tesla has gotten support from famous celebrities too – Jay-Z and will.i.am are among those who believe in what Tesla is doing!

Tesla has some pretty cool patents

Tesla holds numerous patents that showcase their innovative spirit. One of the most notable ones is for their electric car charging station, which plays a crucial role in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Moreover, Tesla has made all its patents open-source, meaning anyone can utilize and build upon their technology to advance sustainable transportation. However, it’s important to note that Tesla has also been involved in patent litigation against those who misuse or infringe on their technology without acting in good faith.

This commitment to protecting their intellectual property ensures that innovations continue to drive progress in the industry.

Giga Tesla: The Largest Factories Ever

The Gigafactory is the biggest factory ever built by Tesla. It spans an enormous 5.4 million square feet and required a massive $6.2 billion investment. Located in Nevada, it’s over three times the size of Central Park in New York City.

Even though only 14 percent of the building was completed when it opened, Tesla has ambitious plans for expansion. The factory provides significant employment opportunities, with around 11,000 people working there and creating jobs in the local community.

Tesla Cybertruck: The Future Of Pickup Trucks

The Tesla Cybertruck is changing the game for pickup trucks. With its electric power, high performance capabilities, and futuristic design, it offers a unique and exciting option for Tesla car owners looking for a durable and advanced pickup truck.

Inspired by movies, the Cybertruck stands out with its unbreakable exoskeleton and solar tonneau cover. It combines utility with sports car performance, thanks to its impressive power and all-wheel drive.

As production details are being finalized, the future of pickup trucks is shaping up to be electric, powerful, and revolutionary.

The Secret Behind Tesla’s Long-Range Batteries

Tesla’s long-range batteries have been a game-changer for the company and its electric vehicles. The secret to their impressive battery range can be found in the Tesla Roadster. It is the battery system that enables the Roadster to accelerate from 0-60 mph in just four seconds, showcasing its exceptional performance capabilities.

This innovative battery technology sets Tesla apart from other electric car manufacturers, allowing their vehicles to travel longer distances compared to competitors. In fact, Tesla’s own data reveals that Model S and Model X batteries retain about 90 percent of their original capacity on average, even after covering an impressive 200,000 miles.

To further enhance customer experience, Tesla has a dedicated team that modifies their range-estimating software so that it intentionally overstates the potential driving distance of their vehicles.

Tesla’s Impact on the Automotive Industry

Tesla has not only changed the way people view electric cars, but it is also revolutionizing the trucking industry and advancing battery technology. Read more about Tesla’s impact on the automotive industry..

Changing sportscars

Tesla has changed the game when it comes to sports cars. They have shown that electric vehicles can be powerful and exciting, challenging the idea that they are not as good as traditional combustion engine cars.

With their high-performance models like the Tesla Roadster, they have proven that electric cars can be just as thrilling to drive. This has led to a shift in perception, making electric vehicles cool and desirable.

Revolutionizing the trucking industry

Tesla is revolutionizing the trucking industry by introducing electric semi-trucks that can greatly reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. These electric trucks have a range of up to 500 miles on a single charge, making them suitable for long-distance hauling.

With their autonomous driving technology, Tesla’s electric trucks also have the potential to enhance safety and efficiency in the trucking industry. This has sparked interest and competition among other companies, leading to the development of their own electric trucks.

Advancements in battery technology

Tesla has made significant advancements in battery technology, revolutionizing the automotive industry. Their high-powered batteries set them apart from other electric car manufacturers.

With their new battery technology, Tesla cars can now go 400 miles or more between charges and have a lifespan of up to 1 million miles. In fact, Tesla’s Battery Day in 2020 showcased the development of new 4680 cell production and structural pack design, showcasing their commitment to continuous progress and innovation in this field.

Tesla’s Role in Renewable Energy

Tesla plays a crucial role in renewable energy by incorporating solar energy and offering sustainable storage solutions through Tesla Energy.

Incorporating solar energy with Tesla Energy

Tesla is not just about cars; it’s also about renewable energy. With its acquisition of SolarCity, Tesla has become the world’s only integrated sustainable energy company. They develop and sell photovoltaic solar energy systems through their division called Tesla Energy Operations, Inc.

But what does this mean for you as a Tesla owner? It means that you can power your electric vehicle using clean and sustainable solar power! By integrating solar energy with their electric vehicles and energy storage solutions like the Powerwall, Tesla is taking a big step towards achieving their goal of sustainable and clean energy solutions.

So not only are you driving an eco-friendly car, but you’re also contributing to a greener future by incorporating solar energy into your daily life.

The Powerwall and Powerpack solutions for sustainable energy storage

Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack solutions are game-changers for sustainable energy storage. The Powerwall is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery designed specifically for home energy storage, allowing you to store the excess solar power generated by your solar system during the day and use it later when needed.

It can also be used as a backup power source during outages, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted electricity. On the other hand, the Powerpack is a large-scale energy storage solution that can be scaled up to meet the needs of any project size.

With its “infinitely scalable” feature, it has the potential to revolutionize power generation and management on a larger scale, bringing us closer to a future powered by renewable energy.

The Future of Tesla

Tesla has plans to launch the highly anticipated Tesla Roadster and expand their Supercharger network globally, while also advancing autonomous driving technology and potentially forming partnerships with other industries and brands.

The upcoming Tesla Roadster

The upcoming Tesla Roadster, set to be released in 2020, has been highly anticipated by Tesla car owners. It is an electric sports car that promises hypercar technology and exceptional performance capabilities.

However, its release has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this setback, Elon Musk has expressed caution about the Roadster living up to customer expectations. Nonetheless, with its anticipated features and potential to revolutionize the electric vehicle market with its supercar performance, Tesla enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Tesla’s plan for affordable electric vehicles

Tesla is planning to make electric vehicles more affordable for everyone. They are working on a next-generation platform that will lower production costs and allow them to produce electric cars for half the price.

The goal is to attract a wider range of customers by offering stylish and functional designs at a more accessible price point. Tesla believes that by making electric vehicles more affordable, they can help grow the popularity of these cars in the future.

The company is committed to halving production costs and making electric vehicles accessible to a broader audience.

Expanding the Supercharger network globally

Tesla is rapidly expanding its Supercharger network all around the world. With over 45,000 Superchargers, it’s the largest global fast charging network out there. In just one quarter, the number of Supercharger stations grew by nearly 1,300, showing significant growth and accessibility for Tesla car owners.

What’s even more exciting is that Tesla plans to open up a portion of its U.S. Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric vehicles soon. This means that even more EV owners will have access to this fast and convenient charging infrastructure.

Plus, with their new map of upcoming Supercharger stations, you can expect even more expansion in the near future. So no matter where your adventures take you, rest assured that there’s a growing network of Superchargers ready to power up your Tesla quickly and efficiently.

Advancements in autonomous driving technology

Tesla is at the forefront of advancements in autonomous driving technology, making their cars some of the most advanced on the road. With features like Full Self-Driving mode, Tesla is using artificial intelligence and imitation learning to create vehicles that can navigate on their own.

This represents important strides in making self-driving cars a reality. By incorporating advanced driver assistance systems, machine learning algorithms, and computer vision technology, Tesla is enhancing vehicle safety and paving the way for a future where cars can drive themselves.

Potential partnerships with other industries and brands

Tesla is known for its innovative and forward-thinking approach to technology, so it’s no surprise that they are open to potential partnerships with other industries and brands. By collaborating with companies outside of the automotive industry, Tesla can expand its reach and explore new opportunities for growth.

For example, their acquisition of SolarCity shows their commitment to renewable energy solutions. This partnership allows Tesla to combine solar power with their electric vehicles, creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly transportation system.

With Tesla’s focus on clean energy and sustainability, it’s exciting to think about the potential collaborations they may have in the future.


In conclusion, Tesla is a fascinating company with a rich history and impressive achievements. From being named after the famous inventor Nikola Tesla to creating the world’s fastest and safest electric cars, Tesla has made significant contributions to the automotive industry.

With their focus on renewable energy and plans for affordable electric vehicles, it’s clear that Tesla is shaping the future of transportation. As they continue to innovate and expand globally, we can expect even more mind-blowing developments from this groundbreaking company.


1. Who is Tesla and what did he invent?

Tesla refers to Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor and engineer known for his contributions to the field of electrical engineering. He is best known for inventing alternating current (AC) power systems.

2. What are some interesting facts about Nikola Tesla’s life?

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in present-day Croatia, and he immigrated to the United States in 1884. He conducted groundbreaking experiments at his laboratory, including wireless transmission of energy and pioneering work on X-rays.

3. How did Edison and Tesla differ in their approach to electricity?

Thomas Edison advocated for direct current (DC) power systems while Nikola Tesla championed alternating current (AC) power systems. AC has become the dominant form of electric power transmission due to its ability to be easily transformed into different voltages.

4. What are some inventions attributed to Nikola Tesla?

Apart from AC power systems, other notable inventions by Nikola Tesla include the induction motor, wireless telegraphy, neon lighting, remote control technology, and a bladeless turbine known as the “Tesla turbine.”

5. Why is Nikola Tesla considered an important figure in history?

Nikola Tesla’s inventions significantly contributed to modern electrical infrastructure and laid the foundation for many technologies we use today. His visionary ideas paved the way for advancements such as wireless communication, renewable energy systems, and electric transportation.

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